Regional User Groups (RUGs)

Regional User Groups (RUG) have been set up based on geography. Below is a general map of the 15 RUGs as they currently stand. The RUG meetings are typically held in the fall, in the spring, and during the annual SUG meeting. The purpose of the RUG meetings is to provide a forum for educational topics, sales information, and networking.

Any user of a Sunquest product can belong to a RUG. A site does not need to be a SUG, Inc. member to participate at the RUG level. The RUG Chair and Vice-Chair do need to be members of SUG, Inc. And of course ALL Sunquest users are encouraged and invited to join SUG, Inc.

The RUG Chairs and Vice-Chairs work to put together an agenda for 1-2 day meetings, utilizing Sunquest presenters, vendors, users within the RUG, and users from other RUGS that have volunteered their time and expertise.

If you are interested in more information related to the RUG process, please contact one of the 2nd Vice Presidents of SUG. Note: you must have a login to the SUG website to view the list.

2012-2013 RUGs