Our Mission

SUG, Inc. is an independent corporation whose objective is to provide a forum to users in the following ways:

  • Provide opportunities for Sunquest Information Systems to present educational workshops as well as information of interest and value to users.
  • Provide opportunities for users to reach consensus on recommended enhancements.
  • Provide channels for continuing education between users and Sunquest, regarding enhancements and other matters.
  • Provide opportunities for users to exchange ideas and experience.


SUG, Inc.: Organizational Overview

SUG, Inc. is governed by a board of directors consisting of a President, two Vice Presidents (responsible for RUGs and SIGs respectively), Secretary, Treasurer, President-Elect, two Vice Presidents-Elect, Secretary-Elect, Treasurer-Elect,  the Past President and others as appointed by the board.

The Chairperson for the Regional User Group (RUG) that is hosting the Annual Meeting is also part of the Board of Directors. Sunquest Information Systems is responsible for designating a Sunquest Advisor to the SUG, Inc. board.


For business purposes, SUG, Inc. contracts services with:

Meeting Planner: Works closely with the President and hosting RUG to prepare for the Annual Meeting and other meetings as required.

Accountant: Works with the Treasurer of SUG, Inc., and makes recommendations for investing SUG monies.

Legal Counsel: Works with the President of SUG, Inc., and Meeting Planner as needed to review contracts, and provide advisement on business decisions.

SUG, Inc. offers many vehicles for communication between the Users and Sunquest Information Systems. Please use these means of communicating on a regular basis to enhance our organization's effectiveness, growth, creditability, and value to members, Sunquest, and third party vendors. Increasingly, electronic communication utilizing the Internet and the Clients Only area of the Sunquest homepage is becoming the gold standard for receiving information and registering for meetings and conference calls. Moreover the website is the preferred entry portal and communication medium for the User driven Product Enhancement Process (see the section titled The SIG Based Product Enhancement Process).